How to make your photographer love you (Part one)

How to make your photographer love you

We love all of you, we really do. You’re the reason we get to do this job, and you’re what keeps us going. However, I’ll tell you a secret on behalf of all photographers everywhere: We have favorites. If you’re one of your photographer’s favorite clients I can assure you that you’re receiving benefits from it that you may not realize. We work extra hard to deliver for those we love so dearly, and sometimes work extra hours, give discounts or whatever. We spoil our favorite people. Lets discuss some of the ways that you can become a part of the chosen few.

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Toddler and Family Photography (an overview)

toddler headshot photo

Okay, so maybe 10 months old doesn’t exactly constitute a “toddler” but tomato, tomato, am I right? That’s not really the point of this blog post anyways, so lets just ignore that detail, okay? Perfect! Moving along…

What I really want to talk about it family portraits. Traditionally when a couple or parent decides that they need photos of their kids they immediately think about family portraits. Everyone dresses up in matching clothing and goes to a studio or park, they all face the same direction and smile at the camera. Yay portraits! Right? Ah hem… no thank you. When you think about getting pictures of the family you think about something like this, am I right?

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Baltimore, Maryland and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Baltimore Maryland


If I could create a magical crockpot, one that could cook up a meal of sensory input to create a particular experience for someone, I would use it to create a Baltimore smorgasbord (try saying that 10 times fast!). What would go into my theoretical magic pot, you ask? Well, it would start with a heaping cup of “Old Bay seasoning” which is the Eastern Seaboard’s version of salt and pepper. I was advised by a Virginia native not to disrespect the seasoning while in the area; apparently they take great offense to any badmouthing of their favorite flavor. To the already salty crockpot I would add a fair helping of the sights, sounds and smells of the Atlantic Ocean – a must-have ingredient in the Baltimore experience. Then I would toss in some old world charm (think historic brick roads and beautiful Victorian architecture), two heaping piles of delicious fresh crabmeat, and sprinkle it with racial and socio-economic tensions – an unmistakable feature in the starkly contrasting neighborhoods that quickly go from Downtown Tourism to dilapidated housing, and all in the wake of the recent Baltimore riots. And I would allow this magical stew to simmer to the sounds of “Pigeons Playing Ping Pong” – a Baltimore local funk/rock band that will knock your Old Bay-seasoned socks off.

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Michigan Roots, The Love of Detroit and The Heidelberg Project

Pure Michigan. That’s the advertising slogan ran on commercials year round to attract tourism to our beautiful state. Its an appropriate phrase considering that the state is almost half covered in forests, has over 11,000 inland lakes, over 36,000 miles of rivers, and 150 waterfalls. Lets not forget about our most infamous asset, the Great lakes, which make up over 38,000 square miles of fresh water, and create over 3,000 miles of irresistible sandy shorelines punctuated occasionally with driftwood, Petoskey stones and jaw dropping rocky cliffs.

We are number one in the growth of cherries, blueberries, and have over 900 Christmas tree farms… That’s right over 900 CHRISTMAS TREE FARMS! As far as farming goes, most of our 50,000 plus farms (Christmas tree or otherwise) are family owned. The state is littered with farmers markets, and an abundance of local produce year round for the michiganders enjoyment.

Michigan might be freezing in the wintertime, sure, I admit it that it can be hard to handle below freezing temperatures after three consecutive months. However, even in the midst of our bitter months you simply can’t beat the experience of drinking hot cocoa while watching the snowflakes fall outside your window, covering the world around you in a glistening blanket of fluffy white crystals.

Pure Michigan – Yes it is.

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Gypsy Blood and Houston Texas

Detoit Metro Airport corridor

“We have Gypsy in our blood, and that’s why we can never stay in one place”

My father spoke these words to me at the age of 13. It was one of those moments that just kind of hit me hard, and never went away.  I understood what he meant, and those words have continued to strengthen for me over the years, continuously proving the depth of their sentiment.

I grew up in what my mother perceived to be a rough neighborhood, so she limited my exploratory privileges. I was allowed to be in our half acre yard and that was pretty much it. I couldn’t cross the street, wasn’t allowed to walk anywhere. All of my exploring was done at night when I would sneak out of the backdoor, stuffing clothing under the blankets of my bed to create the illusion that I was sleeping.

I had no computer, no TV in my room, no smart phone (or any cell phone for that matter) I am the last generation to dub cassette tapes from the radio, and hand write letters to my friends. I spent years in my room. I had a pen and paper, a radio, and a window. I would stare out of that window and watch the man who yelled at his invisible dog, the two hookers who competed for our corner, and the guy who lived his life out of a grocery cart, and I would dream of more.

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My Very First Giveaway

So, yes, I have been very lazy about my blog posting, I’ll give you that. However, I come bearing gifts! Everyone loves free things, am I right? Of course I’m right. So what am I giving away? A planner for the rest of 2015 (because I didn’t think of this in December of 2014) but it’s not just any ol’ planner! It’s a planner for people like me. If you’re not “people like me” then you probably don’t care about what comes next. If you are “people like me” you’re about to be thrilled.

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Finding Balance or at Least Staying Afloat

We live in an era of instant communication, fast transportation, high expectations, and Starbucks coffee to go. We are all leading busy lives trying to live up to our own goals and the expectations set upon us by society. I am no exception to this. I have a full time position, or to more accurately describe it, a “full-and-a-half time” position. I over see a media department creating photos, video, and graphic design projects of all varieties. My job is 6 or sometimes 7 days a week, I travel regularly, sometimes with short notice. I answer the phone at home, on vacation, and occasionally in my sleep. In essence my job keeps me very busy all on it’s own.

travel photography

Michigan highway. Photo taken while traveling for work

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